AT Ease Reflexology and Indian Head Massage - 0742 882 3355
NB All prices are based upon mobile Reflexology or Indian Head Massage delivered in the Ipswich area, within a 5 mile radius.  Further distances will require an additional fee of 45p per mile.  Please contact with any queries.
Prices for both Reflexology and Indian Head Massage
Taster sessions -                               £15                                                       
    (approx. 20 minutes- 
      with use of a Disclaimer
Initial consultation                               £30
     (Including recording of medical
      history, etc followed by a full
Subsequent Treatments                       £25
     (Full treatments last
     approximately 40 minutes.
     Subsequent treatments include
     some record keeping of progress
     from sessions)
Treat your loved ones by giving them a unique gift.
Gift vouchers can be provided for the above
 treatments or for a course of treatments as requested.
Gift Vouchers
Taster session     £15
Initial treatment   £30
Subsequent Treatment   £25

To be arranged as required.  The sessions can be delivered at home but can also be delivered in environments to suit varying needs.  For example, the workplace could benefit the entire workforce and help to staff to remain fit and healthy.


Alison Tyrrell, AT Ease Reflexology will endeavour to seek to provide appointments which are delivered at convenient times to suit individual needs.