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Relax and be pampered!!

Would you benefit from a reduction in stress, tension or anxiety and would like to experience a sense of calmness, deep relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing?  Would you benefit from improved sleep, greater levels of energy, a feeling of revitalisation and an increased ability to cope with the demands of every day life? 
Can you imagine lying back in a comfortable recliner, or sitting and relaxing deeply, whilst experiencing a non-invasive therapy delivered in the comfort of your own home?

Alison Tyrrell offers a mobile Reflexology and Indian Head Massage service delivered in the Ipswich and surrounding area and has the potential to help achieve all of the above and much more. Thank you for visiting the website.  Please read on for further information about how these therapies could help you or benefit a loved one by providing them with a gift voucher.  Why not buy today?!